Moontown is the name of an independent walking travel company I established this spring 2017. Our mission is to add a new sense of adventure to your travel by penetrating the myth and fantasy of a destination.

Walking has been integral to all my travel discoveries dating back to 1980 when my mom took me to Israel for four months to meet her family. Have you ever seen a nation in its infancy? The passion and the drive necessary to create something new has guided me in life, as has the dream to feel the authentic red clay that lies above the bedrock of passing time. 

After five years of giving walks around Paris with a sizable company, I wanted to develop a vanguard outlier in a beast of an industry. I created Moontown as a window for a larger project which is gradually becoming visible. These are my methods:

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Our walks are offered to groups, privately, and by commission. Our principal clientele are travelers and professionals.

Get in touch if you’re coming to Paris. We’ll make it happen.