Born and raised in California, Gil graduated in Politics and English from Brandeis University in 1997 and spent one year at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). He earned an MPA in Nonprofit and Public Management from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service in 2001 and traveled around the world for most of that year to meet the people he hoped to one day represent.

After interning for the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, teaching EBD special education in New Orleans with Teach For America, and managing the Swiss Banks settlement group at the Claims Conference, he refocused his idealism into literary pursuit and moved to San Francisco in 2003 to be a working creative. For some years he followed his ambitions, balancing profit with purpose, completing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson and finding everlasting love. Since 2010 he is based in Paris, France where he got married, started in tourism, produced his first book, had a son, and founded the Yefe Nof Residency.

Moontown Walking Travel is the most recent step Gil has taken to developing   individual potential and creating a measurable benefit to society. His latest writing is a ghostwritten book about the decline of western civilization. Its publication is at the mercy of its owner.