The Alphabet Projects are experiments and prose pieces focused on discovering new form and content. They are:

Alpha Market: a poetry collection written from Cole Valley, San Francisco.

Bizarre Celebrations: an attempt to read 60 books in 60 days and write a short story loosely based on each book the day it was read.

Concrete: a collection of short free verse made from my experiences laying on sidewalks in and around SF from five minutes up to an hour for 40 days.

Documents 117, 120, 124: unfinished novels about hardcore urban adventures.

Establishment: A new form derived from two summers of standing in place in 75 locations all around New York City and writing from five minutes up to an hour.

Fleshettes: a storytelling series in progress developed from the perspective of French and Italian women.

General Decay: 30 days to peel back the curtain on anonymity and celebrity and generate the raw material to be shaped into new songs for an old band.

Households: a series of short stories that bring a dying desert town to life.

Inspiration Drive: six weeks to turn my notebooks written during the final year of life with my father into a promonostory.

Jeunesse Locale: work-in-progress.