Core Values

1) Inconsistency is the great enabler. 

2) Material cannot be judged by publisher or critic alone. 

3) Work should benefit both the individual and society.

The core values were determined from three main factors contributing to the need for Yefe Nof: perfectionism, conformity, and egoism.

Perfectionism prevents people from ever doing anything. Over-formality and predictable materials are straightjacketing design. Creations need to be superflux—more than documents on paper, they need to be nuanced with real-world situations and actively engage multiple stakeholders in a world.

Conformity is the social norm of the not forming our own opinions. This is an author’s stranglehold. The individual has to develop her own tastes. Today’s critics are coming on strong at the street level and through access to resources on the internet, but social or financial capital are still the principal motivators. Being encouraged to invest in the unexpected, to consider unknown authors and think about their work, is one step towards outdoing mediated tastes.

Egoism flat-lines the shared experience. We want authorship to embody the notion that you don’t understand anything until you can explain it to an audience. Selecting creators and visionaries to change the way the brain and body works means fashioning prose and networking with style setters and others whose contributions promote visions of peace, health, literacy, and community.