Front Cover Inspiration Drive

When one thing happens, everything else is still happening.

Cultivated from the raw material written in my notebooks during the final year with my father, Inspiration Drive is a promonostory created in the midst of life. It’s a labor of love based in consensus reality and daydreams. Told in a form that mutates, the connection between a boy and his dad reveals itself sometimes as the deep breath of memoir and often as the coping exhale of fiction. At its core is the origin of re-design fiction and the Yefe Nof Residency (YNR).

This is for the dialogue. For a chance to outdo the tobacco trances in our lives, for a break from the obsession with we have with the hair falling out of our heads, for the moments we’re unable to burst into dance or song despite our terrible need.

Check out the Kickstarter that funded the book and residency vision.